Welcome to { Live : JS } A collective of audio and visual artists who build live experiences, shows and installations. Why JS? Because that's the main technology we use: JavaScript.

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Head shot of Ruth John

Ruth John

Ruth is a digital artist and projectoralist. She mixes video and other abstract coded clips with her own hand coded software: Vixxrr.

Head shot of Tim Pietrusky

Tim Pietrusky

Tim doesn't do any shows without LEDs, bright shiny sound triggered LEDs. Creator of NERD DISCO and electronic drum player, Tim merges web development with a lot of fun things.

Head shot of Martin

Martin Schuhfuss

Martin loves working with JavaScript and self-made electronics, like lighting contraptions and DMX-interfaces. Creator of the fivetwelve-library to control professional lighting using CSS.

Head shot of Sam Wray

Sam Wray

Sam is a musician and digital artist. Creator of visuals with his software modV and writer of music using Nintendo Game Boys under the alias 2xAA.

Head shot of Matt

Matt McKegg

Matt is a JavaScript hacker and backyard musician. He built the awesome Loop Drop, an open source tool for live electronic music with Electron and Web Audio.

Head shot of Jan

Jan Krutisch

Jan is a web hacker by day and a musician by night.

He builds his own open source performance tools and likes to start his tech talks with Music. Literally.

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